About Russell E. Adler, Esq.

Mr. Adler represents employers and employees in cases involving employment discrimination, contractual disputes, wage and hour issues (e.g., overtime, unpaid wages, commissions, employee misclassification), post-employment covenants not to compete / non-solicitation agreements and a variety of other employment-related claims.…

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Mr. Adler has shown me that he is a conscientious advocate who will do what he can to achieve results for his clients. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Adler for employment or labor cases.

Holly T.

Dealing with Mr. Adler was an absolute pleasure. His attention to detail and client's needs exceeded my expectations. After leaving my other counsel, it's nice to see someone who is honest and cares about his clients. I found that Mr. Adler's rates were very fair and thought my bill was appropriate for the matter handled.

Eric R.

We are a 100 person Firm in which I am often required to handle human resource issues and issues of employment law. Although I have many years of management experience, I am not a trained human resource professional and I am not tuned to the ever changing area of employment/labor law. When issues arise, I call Russ. His advice has always been excellent.

Larry A.

I endorse this lawyer. Russ Adler is at the top of our very short list for "go to" on labor and employment law matters. We refer to him actively without reservation. Russ is a top flight attorney, is likable and hardworking, and is a good guy.

Ian W. MacLean

I found Russell Adler to always be well prepared, focused and very knowledgeable in the law. He is an exceptional attorney. His professionalism and supportive nature to his clients is unparalleled. I highly recommend Russell Adler without any reservations.

David A.

Mr. Adler was very professional and communicated exactly what my options were. He was able to get me a result with my former employer when I was laid off and was given barely any severance. Mr. Adler was able to get a better severance package and he was very diligent when the company was not initially responsive. I would absolutely recommend him and use him again in the future.

Isabella M.

Very often when someone is involved in a matter that requires the attention of an attorney it means that the matter has gotten to such a point that emotions are running high and it's hard to see things other than from one's own perspective. Russ has always been good at helping to see things rationally and pointing things in a direction that removes the emotion, and installs the facts at hand; in-turn providing me with not just good advice, but a favorable outcome. His knowledge of the law and be

Glen R.

As a physician with a small surgical specialty practice and a generally positive attitude toward my employees, I found myself extremely frustrated with two difficult employee situations, on two separate occasions. Both times, Russell quickly framed around the issues, contextualizing my frustrations within the bigger pictures of employment law and my own business situation. Just talking with him was therapeutic, as he clearly understood the aggravations I faced (and got me to settle down).


When I started my new business I needed a lawyer who would understand my particular situation (dealing with a restrictive non-compete provision) and Russ took the time to explain everything to me in very basic terms. Once I was up and running and had client contracts that needed review, Russ was extremely responsive (often responding to emails immediately) and thoughtful in his counsel to me. I highly recommend Russ as an attorney.

Melissa S.

Russ has worked with me in a variety of capacities. First on a contentious settlement between business partners, then on various employment related issues. He listens well, grasps all of the issues quickly, responds in a timely way, and is very fair when it comes to billing. He's also great at setting expectations regarding timing and what can be achieved. Most importantly, he understands the issues from a business perspective not just a lawyer's perspective.

Ryan T.

Russell was introduced to me by a friend 8 years ago. I graduated from law school in 2000 but dont practice and needed someone for negotiations of an employment contract. I had high expectations and needed someone excellent. Russell not only had an in depth knowledge of the law and strong negotiation skills, he was smart thoughtful and often made himself available at extra early or very late hours to discuss matters with me and advise me.


I am not an attorney but I opposed Russ on an issue and was so impressed with the way he handled his client, me and the issue, that I started using Russ in non-conflict cases. Easy to work with, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and firm when needed.

Jerry F.